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When trying out for the first time, please pay using the weekly rate, and thereafter, if you decide to continue with the classes, we will invoice you for the balance for the term in order to guarantee your place.

Fees are calculated on a termly basis based on a three term, 37 week school year. If you join part way through the term, you will only be charged for the number of classes you attend for that term.


Invoices will be issued at the end of term in advance for the next term. Fees must be fully paid by the first class of term to ensure that your place is guaranteed for that term. Fees can be paid by Bacs, Paypal or cash. We are unable to accept cheques..


When paying by Bacs or PayPal, please ensure your child’s name is used as reference on the payment.


If you are considering withdrawing your child from the school, we would ask that you let us know a half term in advance if possible. Some classes may operate with a waiting list so it would be useful for us to have some time to be able to organise filling the space vacated by your child.



              Fee Structure (with effect from Sep 2023):

                                                  Pay Termly Price                   Pay Weekly Price (Per Class)

                     30 min class             £75.00                                    £6.30

                     45 min class             £87.50                                    £7.35

                     60 min class             £100.00                                  £8.40

                     75 min class             £112.50                                  £9.45

                     90 min class             £125.00                                  £10.50

The following discounts will apply:

2 -4 classes per week per family 10% discount

5 classes per week per family 15% discount


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